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It's been a year!

Just passed the year mark in the new studio. Move in date was June 30, 2017. Managed to keep the lights on, add some equipment and introduce Pilates to some more of the town folk. Here are a few before/after pictures of the renovation, that I meant to get up here a long time ago. Like maybe a year ago...

There were a few pesky walls removed and that carpet needed to go. Fresh paint to brighten up the place. No help needed from Jonathan and Drew.

The previous tenants had a waiting area where the front reformer sits and the Pilates chairs hang out, just to the right of the door. The current waiting area used to be a front desk/admin area.

The reformers traveled across town via pickup and the back of the Traverse. Jason and I are now experts at in-town reformer transfers. Over the past five years, we moved or help move several across Columbia, from St. Louis and one from Omaha (the middle reformer and one of the chairs made is way to us from Nebraska). And in case anyone was wondering about the innards of an Allegro 2 reformer, there's one of the hubs under the hood.

Thank you, thank you, for allowing me to do what I love and supporting this small business. It's been quite a journey since December of 2013 in that little room at the back of Grindstone (that room doesn't exist anymore). I really appreciate each of you!



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