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Kid Pilates


Every week this summer (2016), the Morgan ladies will bring you some Pilates options for whole family. One might ask, "What's the recommended age?" Great question! My kids have been on the reformer as young as three. They were eight and ten when these pictures were taken. As long as they can follow directions and have interest, go for it. Around age five is a nice recommendation. Hopefully we can talk the hubs into joining us as well. Men do Pilates, too. Check out some of these links of guys rockin Pilates moves (from Buzzfeed, baseball players-Cardinals, more baseball players, and a Cubs pitcher).


You’ll find setup and spring settings for shorter, smaller people, whose strength and coordination differs vastly from adults. The at-home-version might utilize props such as a ball (exercise ball/swiss ball, hippity hop or one of those balls from the bins at Target), skateboard, foam roller, etc. The video links take you to the Limitless Pilates facebook page where all the kid Pilates videos are in one convenient spot.


Send me a pic, note, video and let me know how it goes. You can email (, or post it to social media with the #kidpilates and tag Limitless Pilates so I can find it.


@limitlesspilates on instagram

@limtlesspilates on twitter

post it to the Limitless Pilates Facebook page


* I should note that the Allegro 2 is the most adjustable reformer on the market, so it’s great to use with kids and one of the many reasons I chose to buy these two beauties for my studio. To get a good fit on other reformers, pillows and blocks might be needed.



**disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before initiating an exercise program to ensure your safety and stop if you feel any pain with any of these exercises. 

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