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Petie - Columbia, MO 

"I forgot about my shoulder."
--Petie's words after 6-7 private Pilates sessions 

Petie has had difficulty with her shoulder for ten years or 40% of her life at 24 years of age. After dislocating her left shoulder in 2004, she's had a few surgeries, endless time in a sling, numerous traditional PT appointments, and constant limitations in her activity. Needless to say, her shoulder has always been on her mind, not any more. At least not all the time.

January 2015

"When I first worked with Jamie as her physical therapy patient, I had no idea what Pilates was. I pictured

80s style ground aerobics. Since then I've recognized that Pilates with Jamie is about learning how your

body is supposed to move in order to work most efficiently and safely. Pilates has been an easy transition

from the type exercises done in physical therapy. Pilates has helped me increase my awareness of my

physical self. I feel like it provides me the opportunity to learn how to work through physical barriers and

prevent injuries.


My whole adult life I have struggled to become physically fit without long term success. A serious of maladies has had me on a roller coaster between dedication at the gym and being laid up at home nursing an injury and losing my progress. For the first time, I feel like I can learn to use exercise to help my body heal when I'm confronted with an obstacle instead losing motivation. Jamie has helped me to see that there is an connectedness between my recurring problems and that I can improve my posture and the way that I move to help prevent future injury.


Jamie is very knowledgable about musculoskeletal system and how the human body moves. She uses a variety of ways to describe what your body is doing while performing any given motion until the imagery can help you to improve. Jamie is also really fun to work with. My hour-long sessions go by very quickly and it doesn't even feel likeI've been working out. I would recommend Pilates to anyone who has struggled with physical limitations to exercise or is serious about physical fitness and improving form."

May 2014

Abigail L - Columbia, MO 

Sandy D - Columbia, MO 

Sandy is a client who suffered with lower back and sacroiliac pain. She could barely walk, had pain with bending, could not sit comfortably, and woke up  several times a night from the pain. She came to Jamie for traditional physical therapy services. Jamie supplemented traditional PT treatments of joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilizations, and some pain relieving modalities with Pilates exercises and principles of movement, both during treatments and as a home program. Sandy faced some challenges with body awareness (or lack thereof), initially. After only a few sesssions, Sandy was able to learn more about how her spine and pelvis move and which muscles support her posture, her pain decreased to almost nothing. She was sleeping through the night, had returned to daily walks, and could sit comfortably for at least an hour. 


Sandy showed her appreciation by inscribing this wonderful message on a book she wrote. "Thanks for giving me my life back."

May 2014


Carl & Cindy - Columbia, MO


Carl and his wife, Cindy, came to Limitless Pilates to compliment their current exercise routine with Pilates. Cindy is a personal trainer and Carl plays racquetball four times a week. Carl was experiencing right shoulder pain (even after traditional PT treatment) to the point where he played racquetball left-handed and could no longer lift weights at the gym. The husband-wife team had semi-private Pilates lessons and small group reformer classes. Cindy sent this follow-up email after ten total Pilates sessions:


"Carl's racquetball game is great. He prefers to continue playing as a lefty and does really well. He is doing strength training and normal yard and other maintenance work with no problems with pain. I have also incorporated the techniques you taught us into my workouts and daily activities."

December 2014

Deb Jackson Moore - Columbia, MO

"Absolutely LOVED my session with Jamie today. I feel like a new woman!"

Febuary 2014

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