Pricing and Services  (cash, check or charge))

Pilates Sessions


  • Individual session: $65

  • Package of 5 sessions: $300 or $60/session

  • Package of 10 sessions: $550 or $55/session


Pilates sessions are 55 minutes long and include a home program. Each session is personalized to the client(s) specific movement patterns and goals. The sessions can be performed on the mat, reformer, combo chair and using small props (rotator disc, arc, foam roller, balls, bands, Pilates ring, etc). Five session packages expire four months after purchase. Ten session packages expire six months after purchase.


Group Reformer Classes

Group Reformer Sessions

  • One group reformer session: $35 per person/session

  • Package of 5 sessions: $150 or $30 per person/session

  • Package of 10 sessions: $250 or $25 per person/session


Group reformer sessions are 55 minutes long and are limited to four people. Each week a different movement concept is introduced and the concept is integrated into the body via exercises performed (mostly) on the reformer.


Prior reformer experience is required for group reformer sessions to keep the individual and the equipment safe. Limitless Pilates offers and intro package at a discounted rate to get you started, two private sessions (including a home program) and two group sessions for $150 plus tax (savings of $50). Contact Jamie ( or Shelley ( to schedule your intro sessions.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy sessions:

  • $65 per session

  • Package of 5 sessions: $300 ($60/session)

  • Package of 10 sessions: $550 ($55/session)


The entire 55 minute Physical Therapy session is one-on-one with Jamie (no techs, no independent stretching or warm-up on hot pack/bike). Treatment may include manual therapy (joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, neural glides, muscle energy techniques, etc), neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, postural eduation, individualized home exercise program, gait training, and, of course, Pilates (mat, reformer, combo chair, small props).


Prescription from a physician, chiropractor, dentist, or podiatrist required for physical therapy sessions per Missouri state law. 

Other Services

​​The following services are available upon request and can be formatted for specific needs:


  • One to three hour group workshops for the Pilates/exercise enthusiast to become more familiar with props (exercise ball, foam rollers, bands, Pilates circle)

  • One to three hour group workshops for the Pilates/exercise enthusiast to deepen the understanding of specific movement principles and/or a specific joint/muscle (for example, how movement occurs in the upper back compared to the lower back)

  • Pilates Instructor training on the Mat and/or Reformer thru Balanced Body Education

  • Anatomy as it relates to movement workshops/continuing education for PTs/OTs, personal trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. 

  • Click here to see Limitless Pilates workshops and presentations in action.


Please contact to schedule. 

Pilates Mat Classes

Group Mat Classes

  • One mat class: $14

  • Package of 5 mat classes: $62.50 or $12.50 per class

  • Package of 10 mat classes: $100 or $10 per class

Group mat classes are 55 minutes long and limited to eight people. Each week a different movement concept is introduced and the concept is integrated into the body via Pilates mat exercises. Small props (balls, foam rollers, bands, Pilates rings, OOVs, Pilates arcs) may be used in mat classes. No prior Pilates experience necessary to attend mat classes.

Pilates mat classes are offered Tuesdays at 12:00 pm


"Take Control of your Pelvic Floor Fitness", four week instructional class taught by Deb. More info here.

Drop-in Pelvic Floor maintenance class on Mondays at 7:00pm (after completing the four week program)

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