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4. Feet in Straps/Long Spine


A fan favorite with adults, and similar for the childrens. First have the kids keep pelvis on the carriage to stretch hamstrings, then allow pelvis to float to mobilize the spine.


Setup: Footbar position is the same as footwork and bridging. One blue spring is perfect for Abbi (55 inches and around 60 pounds). Taller and heavier kids might do well with a red spring. I use one red and one blue for most adults. Head rest down, please.


Movement for feet in straps: Inhale to rais the feet towards the ceiling, exhale to lower feet to the floor. Range of motion is determined by flexibility in hamstrings (as feet go up) and stability of pelvis (as feet go down).


Movement for long spine: Inhale to raise feet to the ceiling. Exhale to peel spine up off the carraige. Take a small inhale, then exhale to lower spine and then lower legs. KEEP EYES LOOKING TO FEET/KNEES!! Turning the head can cause injury to the neck.





Jack knife (candlesticks)


I don't recommend leg lowers without straps for kids. Typically they don't have the stability to keep their spine stable and end up using the wrong muscles to perform the movement. No need to promote faulty movment patterns they'll have to relearn later in life. You can use therabands or stretching straps, but it's not as fun, so feet in straps on the reformer is the preferred route.


Setup: Lie on back with legs straight, arms at sides. 


Movment: Inhale feet to ceiling. Exhale to peel spine up off floor continuing to reach feet to ceiling. Take a small inhale, exhale to lower spine back to the floor. Your little guy or gal can use hands on pelvis to assist. Blondie uses her hands in the picture, but not on the video. KEEP EYES LOOKING TO FEET/KNEES!! Turning the head can cause injury to the neck.


Click here for at home candlestick VIDEO

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