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7. Lunges


Lunges reuire stability and balance at several joints and might be too much for the beginner kid Pilates enthusiast. On the other hand, lunges can work on a lot of things with one exercise so they are great for kid Pilastes sessions that only last 5-10 minutes. This is also the first exercise that has a right and a left, so it brings out and balances differences side to side. Crucial for those youngsters who play unilateral sports (baseball, golf, basketball) to prevent injuries.


Setup: The footbar is a close to center as it goes. This kid is tall, but still not adult height. If your footbar doesn't quite adjust like the Allegro 2, you can put yoga blocks or a foam roller up against the shoulder rests. One blue spring works well for this brightly colored Pilates student. One foot on the floor, the opposite knee on the carriage foot on the shoulder rest. Hands on the footbar


Movement: Exhale to press the carriage out by extending the carriage leg and bending standing leg. Inhale to bring the carriage back in.




Lunges with the ball.


Setup: Stand with hands on couch, chair, wall, counter. One foot on floor, the opposite shin on a ball or hippity hop.


Movment: Exhale to roll the ball back by extending the leg on the ball and bending standing leg. Inhale to roll the ball back in.


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