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3. Quadruped Facing Footbar


This kneeling plank variation is great for shoulder girdle organization and stability through lumbar spine and pelvis. Most youngsters (and adults alike) have difficulty maintaining a neutral pelvis while pressing out the carriage out. Like most reformer exercises varying the resistance completely changes the exercise. Less resistance requires more core control, more resistance requires to more work at the extremities.


Setup: Footbar in the same position as footwork and bridging. Hands on the footbar, knees on the carriage, feet up agains the shoulder rests. One red spring works well for the blonde kid, looking for a medium to light resistance.


Movement: Exhale to press the carriage out at the shoulders. Inhale to pull it back in. Not pictured: pressing in/out at the hips. Can also press out at the hips and shoulders at the same time.






Kneeling planks on the ball


The blonde kid is using a hippity hop for this exercise at home. The swiss ball is currently deflated and the hippity hop was lying around and works just fine.


Setup: kneel on floor with forearms on the ball. Starting with the ball further away from the knees increases the challenge. 


Movment: Exhale to press the ball out at the shoulders and shoulders. Inhale to pull it back in. Not pictured: pressing in/out at only the hips, pressing in/out at only the shoulders.


Click here for at home kneeling plank VIDEO

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