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5. Standing Series


The blonde kid continues the kid Pilates series with standing side splits on the reformer.


Setup: Footbar should be out of the way. One yellow spring in high bar/position A works well for her. Lighter resistance utilizes adductors/inner thighs, more resistance requires the abductors/outer thighs to move the carriage. 


Movement: Exhale to press the carraige out with both legs. Inhale to pull the carriage back in. Blondie has opted to add arm variations. She is into air punches lately. Whatever keeps them interested.












There are several ways to do these slides at home. Below is the most accessible, where both feet have the ability to slide. You can also put one foot on carpet or put a shoe on one foot and a towel under the opposite foot, so that only one foot slides. I've found the kids the connect a little better and enjoy two feet sliding around. If that is unsafe for your child, then one sliding foot works well.


Setup: lay out a beach towel or use socks on a sliding surface (hardwood, linoleum, tile, etc.) Stand with feet apart behind chair, couch, doorway.


Movement: Inhale to pull feet together, use hands as needed. Exhale to push apart. Other options, both knees bent to slide apart and together. It's harder to add punches with sliders at home.


Click here for at home sliders VIDEO

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