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24. Swimming


Another extension exercise, so naturally Jamie's spine loves this. I don't think this movement in the pool would propel one forward, but it would probably keep you at the surface. PSA (again): please take the time to extend your spine at least once/day. Those with shoulder injuries, low back pain, SIJ pain should be careful or avoid. 


Click here for the Swimming VIDEO 


Classical start/recommended start: lie on stomach, arms overhead


1. Exhale glide shoulder blades towards pelvis and lift chest off the floor.


2. Inhale float all limbs off the floor.


3. Exhale lift right arm/left leg.


4. Inhale lift left arm/right leg. 


5. Alternate/flutter limbs, breathing as necessary. Repeat 10-30 times.


6. Lower limbs and torso to the floor. 


Modifications: arms only, legs only, only float head instead of going into extension, lie on pillows or sitting box to decrease ROM at shoulders and/or hips. VIDEO


Tips for success: Keep torso/spine as still as possible. See tips for stabilizing lumbar spine during swan and baby swan


Challenges: lie on a BOSU or balance disc, try it on the ceiling 

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