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29. The Boomerang


Jamie's relationship status with Boomerang: it's complicated. There is a lot going on with this exercise. I can't decide if it's worth taking the time to learn this exercise or not. How functional is the combination of this sequence? Is it necessary for those who do not perform complex movement patterns (such as dance and sports) to be able to do this one? I don't know. I feel any Pilates enthusiast should at least try it. Those with osteopenia/osteoporosis, or shoulder/neck/back issues should avoid or use caution. Check back later, maybe I'll have a decision. 


Click here for the Boomerang VIDEO


Classical start/Recommended start: seated with legs out in front, left ankle crossed over right, hands at hips


1. Exhale to roll spine onto the floor and legs overhead.


2. Inhale, uncross and recross legs putting the right leg on top.


3. Exhale to roll up to V-sit or teaser position with legs still crossed.


4. Inhale to reach arms backwards.


5. Exhale lower legs to floor and fold torso over legs. 


6. Inhale ircle arms around towards feet.


7. Exhale stack vertebrae into sitting position. Return arms to side. Repeat exercise six times.


To improve overall efficiency of the exercise: practice


Modifications: There isn't really a good way to modify Boomerang without changing the exercise. Be sure to have a good understanding of rollover, teaser, spine stretch, and roll-up.

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