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33. The Control Balance


As indicated by its name this exercise requires loads of balance and control. You'll need to master rollover, scissors, and jack-knife before giving control balance a whirl. Shoulder girdle stablity, core control, spinal mobility, some hamsting flexibility are all required as well. Not an easy task to coordinate all that. And even then you'll lose it quite a few times before really owning control balance. By lose it, you won't come crashing on your head, luckily, but will roll back up to sitting. Please avoid control balance with neck, low back issues, vertigo, blood pressure challenges, glaucoma, or if you're still working on the above exercises. I really like this one and feel very accomplished after figuring it out. Plus it looks cool.


Click here for The Control Balance VIDEO


Classical start/recommended start: From rollover with legs horizontal or toes touching the floor, depending on flexibility.


1. Inhale circle arms overhead and grab right foot/ankle, reach left leg/foot lengthens to the ceiling. 


2. Exhale reach left foot to the floor, release right foot, grab left foot/ankle. 


3. Inhale lengthen right foot/leg to the ceiling. Exhale switch. Repeat six times. 


4. inhale return legs to rollover position (horizontal, over face). Exhale to roll down one vertebrae at time until feet or legs are lowered to the floor. 


To improve overall efficiency of the exercise: 


Modifications: perform on the trapeze table while holding on to the uprights or the combo chair holding on to the dowel or a reformer with an infinity footbar placed towards the straps. 

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