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31. The Crab


The Crab, I can count on one hand how many times I taught this exercise. I wonder if Joe developed the Crab just to see what else he could get a group of people to do, a Simon-says of sorts. I have no idea. As with the other rolling exercises (rolling back/rolling like a ball, seal, and open leg rocker), the crab encourages spine mobility, lumbopelvic stability, head/neck/shoulder stability. It is not appropriate for those with osteoporosis/osteopenia. Clients with low back and/or SIJ injuries should use caution. 


Click here for the Crab VIDEO


Classical start/recommended start: seated with legs crossed at ankles, knees bent, hands holding opposite foot, spine flexed into C-shaped,


1. Exhale to roll back. Inhale a sip of air at end range.


2. Exhale roll back up and over until top of the head rests on the floor. Inhale a sip of air. 


3. Exhale to roll back until top of shoulders are touching the floor. Repeat exercise six times.


Tips for success: find a long mat, resist the urge to ponder what Joe was trying to accomplish with this exercise. 




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