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26. The Sidekick Kneeling


The kneeling sidekick requires some organization through the shoulder girdle while weight bearing through only one arm. Luckily, if you are performing the mat exercises in order, then you've organized through head, neck, shoulder with both arms while performing the leg pull and leg pull front. Now, you can transfer that to one arm. Kneeling side kick also requires quite a bit of hip joing mobility. Without adequate hip mobility, you will not be able to get your hand to the floor AND keep the thigh vertical. Many times folks will get a muscle cramp in the hip with the exercise due to lack of hip mobility. 


Click here for The Kneeling Sidekick VIDEO


Classical start: start with right hand on floor directly beneath shoulder, right knee on floor beneath hip, left hand behind head, left elbow towards the ceiling. left leg in line with the torso.

Recommended start: Tall kneeling, arms stretched out to the side.


1. Exhale to lower right arm to the floor and bend left elbow bring left hand behind head. As lowering torso to the floor float left leg out to the side.


2. Inhale to kick left leg forwards, moving ONLY at the hip. 


3. Exhale to kick left leg backwards, moving ONLY at the hip. Leg stays in line with the torso the whole time. Four to six repetitions. 


4. Inhale to bend left knee, straighten left arm to return to tall kneeling. Switch to other side. 


Variations: circles, figure 8s, towards away from ceiling for the kicking leg. See variations for sidekick


Modifications: for the hand on the floor-make a fist, rest hand on yoga block, put elbow on a chair/bench/sitting box, use push up bars or dumbells under, keep elbow straight on the arm towards the ceiling, lower the the kicking leg closer to the floor.


Still having difficulty? Try some of the sidekick options and work up to the kneeling sidekick.  



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