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32. The Rocking


The Rocking may not be suitable for all bodies and that's okay. While it was a great way to open up through the front of the shoulders/hips/quads, gain spine extension, and coordinate breath, maybe not all at the same time. This one requires a lot of stability at end range extension of the entire spine, more than is necessary for your average functioning human not participating in Cirque de Soliel, gymnastics, dance, ice skating, etc. Spine, hip and shoulder extension is very important, but there are less risky ways to make these gains, see modifications. 


Click here for The Rocking VIDEO


Classical start/recommended start: lie on stomach with knees bent and hands reach back to hold on to ankles or feet.


1. Inhale to press knees to floor, head will rise.


2. Exhale to reach feet to ceiling, head will lower. Repeat 5 times. 


To improve lumbar stability: think of tipping pubic bone towards nose into the floor, press feet/ankles into hands. 


To improve overall efficiency of the exercise: stretch quads individually prior to performing the rocking, use hamstrings to lift legs when rocking forward, RESIST the urge to bob head up/down to initiate movement. 


Modifications: do a different extension exercise such as swan, single leg kick, double leg kick, swimming

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