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21. The Teaser


There are quite a few of the mat exercises where I can plop down and perform them without difficulty. Teaser is not one of them. Need to do some work in order to prepare this bod for teaser and, even then, could use some improvement. Teaser is not appropriate for those with osteoporosis. Those with low back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain should use cauting when attempting teaser. Teaser requires quite a bit of spine mobility, core control, hamstring flexibility, and shoulder stability. 


Click here for The Teaser VIDEO


Classical start: seated with knees straight in front, hands near hips, palms on floor

Recommended start: lie on back with arms overhead. 


1. Inhale arms to the ceiling


2. Exhale to curl head/neck/shoulders and peel spine off the floor one vertebrae at a time while simultaneously raising the legs until arms are parallel to arms. Inhale.


3. Exhale to tip pelvis towards ceiling to initiate rolling the spine back down to the floor and bring legs back 90/90. Inhale.


4. Exhale to peel head/neck/shoulders and spine up off the floor. Repeat 4-6 times.


Variations: arms move parallel to floor rather parallel to legs, start with legs straight and feet to ceiling, start with legs at 45 degree angle, start with legs in 90/90. 


Challenges: add leg lowers, add legg lowers and roll downs


To aid in spine articulation: use a small towel roll under low back, hold small weights in hands, be sure to position head in line with spine (not in front of spine)


Modifications: bend knees for tight hamstrings, prop feet on chair, rest feet on a wall, bend one knee and the other knee straight. 

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