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Project Planks on Planks

My sister was visiting in August 2017 and we were sharing thoughts on wall decor. I needed some inspiration to update the picture collage in our living room. Pregnant with niece #2, moving niece #1 out of the nursery, she was redecorating a bedroom for niece #1. She was trying to talk my BIL into doing a palette wall. After googling palette wall because I had no idea what she was talking about, I found this and figured it was something within my skill set to make.

Later that same night, while perusing Facebook marketplace site, a friendly mid-MO gentleman was selling some wood planks from a barn he tore down near Fulton. While designing/measuring/figuring out how many of the eight foot planks necessary for the 4X8 living room wall hanging, I decided the studio needed one, too. I wanted something for the blank wall that was big, rather than a collection of smaller pictures or items. And I wanted to make it. I already made the benches and seat cushions, and created most of the other wall hangings in there. Might as well continue the trend. Cut to me (and the hubs) heading north on Creasy Springs two nights later, hoping multiple (17) eight foot planks would fit into the Traverse.

There were a few steps I hadn't considered, washing the wood, treating it for bugs, storing it somewhere during the whole stinky process.

After cutting the wood,

Laying out the design,

Staining it,

Assembling the gigantic, heavy thing (which sat in our garage for a month before it traveled three miles east to its home),

We finally got it to the studio November 5th. Thankfully, when I arrived morning of November 6th, it wasn't in pieces on the floor. Special shoutout to Kent for his brilliant idea to securely affix this sucker to the wall. Only took four months to make (and then another three weeks to write a blog post, totally Pilates/PT related). Luckily I wasn't on a deadline here.

Adding master carpenter and proficient with power tools to my skills on my LinkedIn bio. The one in the living room isn't too shabby either.

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