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Spandex Stew

Spandex Stew

If you exercise on a regular basis, chances are you own some spandex with/without wicking capabilities. While the breathability and flex of the fabric aids in movement freedom, it also holds onto bacteria left behind from sweat which smells after a while. To zap that bacteria, here's a DIY fix with household items that are toxin free. There are detergents out there with claims to kill this bacteria, but I haven't tried any of them yet.

Ingredients: —couple inches of cold water in the tub —1-1.5 cup of white vinegar —funky, foul smelling workout clothes (works best with quick dry and/or spandex pieces) —1 cup of baking soda Directions: Fill tub with couple inches of cold water. And vinegar and stanky clothes. Let sit for 15-20 minutes or approximately one episode of The Office. Ring out wet, vinegary clothing. Do some line drills to get clothes to washer with minimal drips on the carpet before the husband gets home. Add baking soda to load (for HE washer add it to the drum, not detergent dispenser). Wash in cold. Hang to dry around the house. Question whether 18 pairs of capris leggings is too many for one person, even if that person wears said leggings on the daily to work. Decide it’s not a problem or just own it.

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