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Halloween Costume: Joemie

--originally drafted in 2016

Halloween is a kind of a big deal in the Morgan household. When the kids were younger, we would dress family costume themes. Now that they can speak and have opinions of their own, they want to pick their own costumes (whatever) and we go as a random bunch, including princesses, animals, volleyball players, Kratt brothers. 2016 seemed like a good year to add Joseph Pilates to the list.

Disclaimer: These pictures are inspired by IC Rapoport's photographs from 1961. It might be hard to tell the difference between these and the real ones. Compare and contrast

I had the opportunity to meet Chuck in Sacramento at Pilates on Tour summer of 2015. I would never want to offend him and these pictures are just for fun. When I met him, I jokingly asked him to take a picture of my friend, Ann, and I. He seemed confused or didn't think the joke was that funny, but was kind enough to take our picture anyway, with the explanation that the iPhone was not his camera of choice.

There is this one challenge. Joe is shirtless in most of his pics and those types of pictures belong in a different area of the internet world. For now, here's the compromise. I may add more later.

Joe had grown man (Bob Wernick of Sports Illustrated) stand on his stomach. I opted for the 68 pound eight year old. He was also in his late 70s in 1961. I am not quite 40 years old here. I'll update this post if I have the eight year old take over photography duties and switch spots with the hubs.

Things I never imagined after graduating from PT school:

--borrowing a Santa costume for a Christmas-themed Pilates photo shoot

--working barefoot

--wearing stretchy pants all day everyday

--posting pics and videos of on the internet

--running my own small business.

Life takes you to weird and interesting places....

Right head tilt out in full force even upside down.

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